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Answering The Popular Question: How Do You Write A College Thesis

Before you are able to correctly write your college thesis, it is essential that you understand what exactly a thesis is. Put in simple terms, the thesis statement is the controlling idea of your paper. Everything else is built around this statement. Each work that you choose to use throughout the paper should support your thesis in some way. Any information which you choose to include, and which is not directly related will seem disorganized and irrelevant.

How to present the thesis: The best statements are contained in only one sentence that is grammatically correct and concise. Generally it is placed as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph. There are times when more than one sentence is required to ensure that everything the student needs to say is properly established. The rest of the paragraph should be used to draw the audience's attention to the problem that is being confronted, and to clearly define any key terms that will appear throughout.

The proper structure: To write your paper effectively, it is vital that you understand the structure it is expected to follow. The general format is listed below:

  • Title Page: This page should include both the title and the subtitle, the name of the author, your educational institution and department, the date of delivery, research advisors and mentor(s), the institutions they are affiliated with, and their email addresses.
  • Abstract: An excellent abstract will tell the reader in just one line why the paper is important. A summary of all the major results is usually included, along with any major implications your work will show. It should be quantitative, readable, and concise. Total length is usually one to two paragraphs.
  • Table of Contents: All of your headings should be listed here, as well as indented subheadings.
  • Introduction: Many students wait until the end to write their introduction completely. This makes it much easier to tie your whole paper in together. The first paragraph contains the thesis statement, while the second paragraph is used to cite previous research in the topic.
  • Methods: What methods were used and how?
  • Results: What were the final results? Were they what you expected?
  • Discussion: This section should summarize the most important results.
  • Conclusions: Summarize your discoveries and the potential implications your work has on the field.
  • Recommendations: Actions that can be taken to solve the problem, or directions for further research.
  • Acknowledgments: List anyone who helped you.
  • References: All of your citations and research references are listed here.
  • Appendices: Figures, tables, calculations, and equipment used should be listed in the appendix.

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