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Writing a dissertation in criminal law is a tough task yet interesting. If you really have passion for your subject then you will enjoy discovering different case studies and factual data about your subject. You will read criminal behaviors and understand why certain punishments are assigned to certain types of criminal acts. Even though these laws change from state to state and country to country, the basic rule remains the same. People are not punished unless the accusation is proved and the accused is found guilty of committing the crime. No law in the world allows punishing the accused without orders from a legal institution. The rest depends upon the culture and the social structures of that area or country to have little changes in the constitution.

Criminal law is very interesting subject if you have genuine interest you can come up with a great dissertation. The question however, is that how and where you will find an idea for your dissertation. This is easy yet time consuming. Do not expect to come up with an excellent topic within matter of few hours and start writing the paper. You might have to edit your topic a number of times before coming to a final decision.

You can keep an eye for the latest news and events to find your inspiration for the dissertation. A recent example could be the murder of a journalist in Paris by an extremist; you can take this subject and develop a stance. Ask yourself a few questions about the event. It is not necessary to take the same stance as different media channels and sources. You can look at it in a different way and tell this to others as well. Whether it was okay to murder someone or not on based of religion is one thing but

Is it okay to mock people’s religious affiliations to an extent that they are forced to react and retaliate against you?

Does any religion on earth give anyone a right to kill someone without any legal procedure?

It is very important to keep in mind that the topic or idea that you have in mind should have relevant material available for you to prove your stance. No matter how solid your idea is, it must be supported by authenticated research and strong evidence if you want to convince your readers. You cannot base your paper on mere opinions.


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