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How To Write Dissertation Acknowledgements: Tips & Samples

After you have finally finished all the work that is required to complete your dissertation, there is one other section that must be included. This is one of the most important parts of your dissertation - where you say thank you to those who helped, inspired, nagged, or worked with you. Since it is not quite as straightforward as just simply writing "Thank you",can seek help from Thesishelpers.com and here are some tips and samples to get you started:

Who should you thank?

Grab a piece of paper and make a list of everyone who gave you assistance in any way. Some of those you may wish to include are:

  • Lab assistants
  • Professors
  • Teachers
  • Supervisors
  • Advisors
  • Colleagues
  • Librarians
  • Friends
  • Parents

Whittle down your list to those who played a major role in writing your dissertation. Make a first draft of a short essay that includes the names you want to see and say "Thank you" with different phrasing throughout. Your acknowledgement really has no length restrictions but one page only is considered to be the general consensus.

Ways to say "Thank you" that make an impact

Here are a few ways to be a little more unique that you may never have thought of:

  • I am grateful...
  • It is an honor for me to...
  • I am indebted to...
  • This dissertation would not have been possible without...
  • My deepest gratitude goes to...

Format for the acknowledgement page

The following format should be used for your page:

  • Place Acknowledgements heading centered on the page and leave four lines before the next entry.
  • Use equal margins on all sides
  • Include page number
  • Place the page after the pages for copyright and dedication
  • Example # 1

    Here is an example of a dissertation acknowledgement written humbly. Keep in mind that fonts would have to be changed:


    I am heartily thankful to my professor, Dr. John Smith, whose support, guidance, and encouragement from the first page to the last enabled me to gain thorough understanding of the topic.



    Lastly, I offer my blessings and regards to everyone who has supported my efforts throughout this project.

    Brian Green

    Example # 2

    Here is another example that is a little bit longer:


    I would like to show special appreciation, warmth, and thankfulness to the people listed below who assisted me and made my research project successful:

    My supervisor, Dr. White, for her vital assistance and support that made achieving this goal possible.

    My assistant supervisor, Dr. Brown, whose sympathetic attitude and help during the entire research process kept me on track.

    Professor Gilbert, Head of the Department of Biology, whose motivation and constant reminders ensured that I adhered to deadlines.



    Brian Green


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