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A Simple Strategy To Buy A Well-Written Custom Dissertation

There are countless online services to help you write your dissertation, and trying to find the right one can be like wading through seaweed--slow, difficult, and tiring. Here is a simple strategy to find the right dissertation service for you.

  1. Find the best dissertation writing services
  2. Conduct a search of the best dissertation writing services, and research each result. Things to look for:

    • Legitimacy-- If an online custom dissertation service website has a link to ‘check this website out’, you may be re-directing yourself to a malicious website that may try to steal your identity and/or credit card information. Avoid this at all costs.
    • Reviews on their website-- If they have a lot of 5-star reviews, that’s great! However, don’t just stop there--see what some of the negative reviews are about. Are there complaints about writing quality, turnaround time, or other issues? Be skeptical of a service that has no negative reviews whatsoever--they may remove them to try and promote an impeccable image. A negative review or two isn’t a big deal unless the there are serious complaints.
    • Social media presence-- Do they have a Facebook page? Do they have any other social media accounts? If so, check each one out and see what people are saying about them. Pay attention to negative comments and reviews on their social media pages. How many negative reviews are there? What are those reviews saying? Do the reviews sound legitimate? If so, keep that in mind. A significant number of negative reviews can be seen as a warning to avoid doing business with that particular service.
    • Plagiarism check-- Plagiarism can not only ruin your dissertation, but it can also destroy your career before you even get started. Be sure to keep an eye out for negative reviews that cite plagiarism as one of the issues. If a dissertation writing service has complaints about plagiarism, scratch them off your list--it isn’t worth the risk.

  3. Rights
  4. Make sure that whoever you hire will give you full rights to your dissertation, including copyright. If the service keeps any rights whatsoever, don’t do business with them. It’s simply not worth it.

  5. Value
  6. Getting a dissertation written for you can be expensive. If it is a top-notch dissertation, it’s worth it. Carefully think about what you are getting for the money. If, after careful research, you believe that you are getting great value, then go for it!

Final Thoughts

The strategy for finding a service to write your dissertation is simple: Research the best services; make sure you have full rights to the final dissertation; and be sure you are getting a great value for your money.


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