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Free Online Dissertations And Theses: 5 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

As students begin writing their dissertation, they need to seek out all of the help that they can get. For many students, free online papers are used as examples of what to write. Although these papers are readily available, students should be cautious in using them. Read through the following five facts to learn about using online dissertations.

It Counts as Plagiarism

Ideas that are copied in whole or in part are plagiarism. Students cannot turn in a paper that they found on the Internet. In addition, they should avoid just copying the thesis or ideas presented in the paper. If the ideas are copied, the student could end up with plagiarism charges. They could end up expelled from the university or they may have to rewrite their entire paper.

Some of the Best Theses Are Published Online

Although using the ideas of another paper is not allowed, these papers can be used as an example. Some of the best thesis papers are on the Internet. These are published by fellow students, teachers and professional writers. They can be used as an example of formatting techniques or as a part of the student's brainstorming session.

Hiring a Writer Does Not Equate to a Better Paper

There are a number of writers who offer to write a dissertation for a cost. Although the writing quality may be better than the student's writing, the research quality will most likely be worse. Even with a writing service, the student could end up with a lower quality paper than what they could normally achieve on their own.

Checking Authenticity and Sources Is Difficult

The main issue with the Internet is that people can literally publish anything. Students cannot verify the authenticity or facts in an online paper like they can in their library. Figuring out the sources and checking the veracity of the facts can be a dilemma for a student. There are some benefits of using these papers, however. Although students cannot copy the ideas exactly, they can copy the sources. Instead of searching through books that could or could not help, they have a list of sources about the topic that were useful for a different writer.

If You Pay, It Is Entirely Possible to Get Your Doctoral Paper Written

Buying and using a paper counts as plagiarism. For busy students, this fact may not matter. If a student wants to have their doctoral dissertation written for them, they can actually pay someone to do it. A professional writer or a writing service is able to complete these papers on a deadline. Before hiring a particular service, the student should always read reviews of the site.


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