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How To Write A Proper Dissertation Abstract: Tips & Examples

Your dissertation abstract is the part of your dissertation where you will give a brief description of what your paper is about. It would be located write before the paper in your dissertation. When you are writing this part of your paper there are some tips and examples that can help you.


  1. Find a sample dissertation to look at when you are starting this process. It can help you with your paper and make sure that you format it correctly. You can read through a few examples to get an idea of what is expected.
  2. Read through the instructions in your paperwork from school to make sure that you are formatting it correctly.
  3. Try and list the main points. You want to use this to attract readers to read your paper.


You can find some examples in a few different places. It is a good idea to get an example paper because when you have a visual, it is a very helpful tool. One good place to look for a sample is in a dissertation database. You can find one of these in your resource library. This is a collection of dissertations. You should be able to find one on your topic.

Another place to check is on a professional writing website. These sites sell papers to students and use sample papers to attract business. When you are dealing with these sites for examples, you will get a professionally written paper that has been peer reviewed and edited to make sure that it is a quality paper to display to the public.

You can also find some copies of dissertation abstracts on how-to sites. They will give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete this part of your paper. When you are discussing how to do something, it is easier to show an example sometimes so most sites will include this.

This is an important part of your paper because it gives the reader an idea of what your lengthy paper is about. Like the back cover of a novel, it tells the reader what they can expect to read about. You can think of it as an enhanced thesis statement. You would want to give them a little more information than your thesis even though it should include the thesis. It should be a little paragraph explaining what you are writing about.


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