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The Essentials Of Writing A Dissertation Proposal In Social Work

Ensuring that your dissertation proposal in social work is of a top quality is not that hard when you have when you have taken the right preparations steps. Many students dive right into the project without knowing what they are doing. However, by taking even an hour to make the right preparations you could do a great job of increasing your chances of a top grade. So here is a list of points to consider:

  • Have a specific topic in mind: for the proposal to be a success you need to have a very specific idea of the topic you’ll be working on. Otherwise you might find that the proposal is going to be rejected. To get the topic right it is vital to carry out a bit of research beforehand to understand what topics are going to be great for you to work on.
  • No distractions: when doing work make sure that there are no distractions anywhere in your room. When there are distractions you can get side tracked to doing something else and then as a result you’ll run out of time regarding the timeline of the project. So ensure you do take the time to get this right not only for this piece of homework, but also other pieces of homework that you might work on in the future.
  • References: perhaps you can include the references for the sources that you are going to use. This will give the examiner a chance to see what type of project you are going to create. Also if some of the references are not relevant then at this stage you might be told that. This will prevent you from creating the type of project that can end up creating problem for you.
  • Ask friends to help: if you are still having a hard time then your other student friends can help you get it right. There is no reason to struggle if you have a bunch of friends around you that have already created the dissertation proposal with great efficiency.

Make sure the advice given above is taken into consideration and your chances will improve by a considerable amount. Also keep this info in mind for future projects that you might work on.


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