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General Tips On How To Organize The Appendix Of Your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a job that will suck every last bit of strength, will power and resolution you have. You will probably spend month on preparing just to start to write it, and then once you have commence it will take you as much time to struggle through it. And to top it all off, you will have to have a good appendix for your dissertation if you want to be taken serous.

Appendixes are usually as a place that you “attach” all the documents or information that are not relevant enough to be in the dissertation, but are needed for further clarification. It is a final statement of the dissertation, and so if will affect how somebody grades your work, because that is simply the last thing they will see. Here are some general tips on how to organize the appendix of your dissertation.

  • Don’t put there unnecessary thing so you will have more pages in you dissertation
  • Appendix is not a place for not needed information. If you need more pages, just add another chapter, or chart, don’t fill appendix with unnecessary stuff. List only the documents and information that are truly needed and that will help the reader understand your work better. Also, try to avoid many pages of written text. Put as much information in your dissertation, and stick to the pictures and charts in the appendix.

  • Think about the quality of the pages
  • Try not to put pages that are not easily readable and understandable. Also, if you scan you pictures and documents, use a printer with better quality. If the reader won’t be able to see the documents in you appendix, then it like they are not there. Even worst, they will lover their grade on you work just if they thing that you were slacking off on you appendix. You should sharpen documents that are in original of bad quality, or even seek for help of an expert, if you are not sure what to do.

  • Not a place for vital data
  • Don’t put the point of your thesis in appendix. As the name subject, it is something that is there but should not be vital for the whole structure. You will also get negative points if you put the core of you work in the last part of the dissertation. Write it as a bonus, but also something that you won’t cry about if it gets lost.


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