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MBA Dissertation Writing Solutions For Those Who've Got Stuck

Dissertations are always a stressful and exhausting business—one which nearly drives everyone a little nuts. Do not despair if you have gotten stuck in some chapter which seems to be going nowhere or stuck in a rut where you cannot write.

Solution one: Believe it or not—exercise, hard exercise can save your project.

As I began writing chapter two of my dissertation, I suddenly got the urge to run, run, run. I guess the sheer stress of trying to come up with the words twenty-four hours a day, PLUS the fact that I had waited so long that I HAD to get my dissertation done in 10 months instead of two years, equaled a mire of stress that I needed to somehow extricate myself from. And exercise, hard exercise, did me a world of good. Although I had never been a runner (I had been a walker, not a runner) I suddenly began run walking, running until I couldn’t run any more and then walking as I rested.

This helped me to accomplish many things. First, it cleared my head. If I needed to step back from a section and leap onto another for example, 45 minutes on the treadmill or outside and I could come back to my work renewed and refreshed. And, it helped to keep my energy going strong all day. Exercise, even when you are tired, stressed, and not sleeping well—all the things that you typically are when you are working on the dissertation, actually gives you more, not less energy. I could plop back down in front of my computer after a run and have hours more to write before I was exhausted.

Two—Leap around.

Do not feel honor bound to write from page one to page 430 in chronological order. Skip around if you want. Get your introduction, for example, looking as good as you can and then move onto a very easy chapter to write for your first chapter. One feeling of accomplishment in one area will carry over into another area and help you to feel motivated enough to fix the other task hanging over you – here, the introduction, for example.


There are always all kinds of “busywork” jobs to do when you are really stuck. Work on formatting or research, or cleaning up the works cited.


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