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Simple Instructions For Writing A Dissertation Prospectus

A prospectus or proposal is an integral part of any academic work. It’s a piece of writing where

you present the subject of your work and clarify the goals and the means of investigation. This is a way to show your committee that the problem you are bringing up is interesting and relevant. The following are some instructions you need to carry out in order to write an effective proposal for your thesis.

Structure of the Dissertation Prospectus

  1. Start with the title.
  2. It doesn’t have to be the final title of your work, which will be written on the front page when you are done. At this point, the main thing is that it must clarify the essence of your study.

  3. Describe the actuality of the topic of your project.
  4. Why does it need to be explored? Explain what contribution your research will make to the particular area or discipline that it’s devoted to. State the aims and the questions to be answered within your investigation.

  5. Name all the sources you’re going to use.
  6. What studies and other scholar’s works will be the ground for your dissertation? Find and list those related to the subject literature that would be useful for you.

  7. Choose the appropriate methodology.
  8. How do you intend to accomplish the goals you set? Mention what resources, equipment, any special facilities, and time you may need during your investigation.

  9. Write an outline for your dissertation.
  10. How will you develop your research? Name chapters and sections. Again, just like the title, they are preliminary. However, you have to think carefully and write a brief summary that will reveal the kernel of each chapter.

Few Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Study the requirements for the design and content of a dissertation prospectus that are set by your department.
  • These standards of organization differ depending on the branch of science that your project concerns. They influence the length of your writing too. According to the amount of details expected, it can be from 5 to 20 pages long.

  • Look for examples of past proposals.
  • It will get easier to compose after you have a distinct idea of what your prospectus should look like. You can also ask your supervisor to guide you.

  • Use only formal tone and professional language.
  • An appropriate style of writing is important for any serious academic work. Try to make it clear with concise thoughts but don’t use too much terminology. Your writing skills can help you convince the committee as well: avoid long, vague explanations, slang words, and negative constructions.


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