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Dissertation Topic Suggestions For Dummies In Academic Writing

When it is time to write a dissertation, students can search the Internet for potential topic ideas and examples. A dissertation can take months or years to complete. With so much time spent on the paper, students deserve an interesting and engaging topic. To get started on this paper, students should consider some of the following suggestions.

Academic Assistance Can Be Found Online

The Internet is an excellent tool for researching a topic or finding ideas. Some of the best topics can be found through a simple search of the Internet. Students can visit university websites, writing pages or custom essay services to gain an understanding of what they are expected to do in their paper.

Quality Levels Vary

Every site on the Internet will have a different quality level. A university site is one of the best places to find information. It offers a specific focus, cutting-edge data and a quality analysis. In general, most of the material on these sites will be reliable and well-scrutinized. Other than university sites, government sites are good sources of data. They tend to contain a wealth of information, but are generally low on analysis. It will be up to the student to provide an analysis of the information.

Other than these options, students may find non-profit websites, pages from independent organizations and news reports. Non-profits tend to have a good level of analysis, but their viewpoint may be skewed. This same problem is found on the sites of independent organizations. News reports tend to have the most up-to-date information, but are prone to bias. Even though it appears on the news, it might be accurately reported.

Topic Ideas

  1. Development of Archeology: From Grave Robbers to Indiana Jones
  2. The Biological Basis of Gender
  3. Effects of Child Abuse on Criminality
  4. Shakespeare and Linguistics: Word Creation in Shakespeare's England
  5. Marketing for Startups: Making the Most of a Limited Budget
  6. Comparison of Alternative Medicine to Western Medicine
  7. The Architecture of Gaudi: Shaping Modernity
  8. From Slave Chants to the Big Band Sound: The Shaping of Jazz
  9. Impact of Increased Financial Regulation on the Stock Market
  10. Themes of Imperialism in the Heart of Darkness
  11. Adam Smith: Early Socialist or Father of Capitalism
  12. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Nuclear and Wind Power
  13. Health impacts of Anti-Smoking Advertisements
  14. Modern Techniques in the Field of Forensic Science
  15. Torches of Freedom: Smoking's Appeal to the Early Feminist Movement
  16. Human Rights in Torture: The CIA's Justifications for Torturing Suspected Terrorists
  17. The Sanitarium and Tuberculosis: Early Techniques for Quarantining Contagious Diseases

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