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Fresh Business Studies Dissertation Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

Are there any aspects of businesses or business studies that you find particularly interesting?

If you look back over the time that you have spent studying business or business studies, try and remember topics that you were particularly interested in, as well as topics that you were particularly good at. Now try and consider whether or not any of these topics would be suitable for your business studies dissertation. Ideally, you want a topic that you are both interested in and good at, as that will make it easier to write, and give you the best chance of getting a good grade.

Carrying out brainstorming based upon a list of your favourite area of business

Sticking with the idea of your favourite topics, it can be a good idea to brainstorm any ideas that you may have relating to that area of business. It is a good idea if you use brainstorming techniques and methods to draw diagrams and list ideas. Part of the reason for is that firstly, it stops you from forgetting the ideas, but secondly, is quite possible that one of the ideas may spark an even better one. Another good method is to work with a group of like-minded people, as this helps to inspire each other with good ideas.

Researching new ideas and concepts to help write a fuller essay

A good suggestion is to avoid limiting yourself, only to what you have studied so far. There can be plenty of fantastic ideas that would be ideal for you in areas of business you may not have necessarily even looked at. By carrying out a little bit more research and looking at new ideas and concepts, not only can this help to inspire fantastic ideas, but it will enable you to write a more comprehensive essay.

Some essay topics and ideas

  • Do small businesses donate to charity for reasons other than the tax benefits?
  • Will small and medium sized businesses in the US been impacted upon by European debt concerns?
  • A Cost Benefits Analysis of a local business plan
  • A comparison of hostile and friendly takeovers
  • A history of the American Labor Market
  • Using marketing techniques that are profitable and cost-effective
  • How long can businesses absorb start-up related debts before they fold?
  • An in- depth case review of a particular, local business
  • A comparison of one market strategy and reasons as to why it is favoured
  • How have local businesses been avoided the worst of the financial crises?

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