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Academic Writing Fundamentals: A Dissertation Plan Template

Writing a dissertation can be hard. You get overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to put into it. You may even get paralyzed just by the thought of writing one. Yes, it can be a daunting task. With the right plan and time management, you can overcome this obstacle and write a good dissertation.

  1. Choosing the right topic
  2. For some students, coming up with a topic is easy. They know their project, what needs to be addressed, and what to research. There are a few students who have so many ideas they don’t know what to choose or do.

    • Talk to other students and see what they are doing. This might help you create the right topic.
    • Look at dissertations of past students. Their approach might help you.
    • Think about your own hobbies and interest. Can you hobbies or interest be converted into a dissertation paper?
    • Read something that makes you ask ‘why.'

  3. The Question
  4. Now that you got your topic, you need to turn that topic into your research question. This research question will help keep your dissertation on the right track and help you not get side tracked. Your research question should help you:

    • Discuss the issue you will research.
    • With your thesis or argument
    • With the limits of your research. What you are comfortable doing or not doing.

  5. Creating a Plan
  6. This part is where students fail. They don’t create a plan to help them divide their time, and the days they can work on their dissertation. It is important that you have enough time and enough days to work on your paper. This will help you tackle the tasks you need to complete to have it ready in time for submission.

    • Mark how many weeks you have until the day of submission.
    • Mark the days and hours you won’t be able to work.
    • Mark the days where you have something planned. This will help you in knowing how much time you have to work on it for that day.

  7. How realistic is your plan
  8. You have a plan of attack, but is it a realistic one? Does your plan answer any or all of these questions?

    • Did you map out when can you realistically start?
    • Have you mapped out how long will your research take and how long will it take if it needs to be revised?
    • Did you factor in traveling time to your hours?
    • Did you properly write down the days you are unable to work on it?
    • Did you write down your objectives for that day or week?
    • Did you leave enough time to proper edit everything when completed?

    Once you have a plan, have a professional look it over and see if you’re on the right track. Having a good plan is the key to overcoming the obstacles you will face when researching begins.


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