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Using A PhD Dissertation Example: Things To Pay Special Attention To

PhD dissertation is undoubtedly the most critical assignment you will ever write in your academic career, unless you have plans for pursuing post doctorate. A PhD dissertation is not only difficult because of the certain standards you have to meet but also because your degree depends upon this. If you do not succeed with your dissertation you will not be able to earn the title of a doctor with your name. This is the most worrying part about a PhD dissertation. Students are afraid because they do not want to waste their efforts and try all over again. Anxiety, stress and fear of rejection will lead to further mess and they will never be able to write a winning dissertation. The best solution is to pick one end and start your thesis writing process.

The writing process does not mean jumping straight to write the final copy of your paper. You will have to divide your task into three major categories and assign time to each. Do not try to tackle two stages at the same time. Understand that this is a gradual process and you need to complete the first step to move to second and the second to move to third. The stages involved in effective writing are

Pre writing phase involves carrying out research, deciding the structure and format, choosing a topic, developing major arguments, finding strong evidence, putting data into one place and organizing your paper.

Writing phase involves creating draft of your paper.

Post writing phase involves editing and improving your paper.

When you start with the pre-writing phase, you will realize you need to have an example to follow for your paper. This will reduce your efforts to half if you follow a proof read example for your thesis. When you decide to use an example, you need to keep a few things in mind

  • You can easily find these examples on authenticated academic sources, official websites of colleges and universities, asking your seniors and college library
  • Make sure you choose an example after considering various options. This should be a proof read example or a project that was graded well by your professor
  • You need to select a paper close to your subject and topic. This will further reduce your efforts for the format, styling and tone etc
  • You need to only take idea from this paper and do not copy any words or sentences

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