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Where To Get Dissertation Templates For Free: 5 Good Suggestions

You have almost finished writing your dissertation, and now it’s time to put all the materials together in a proper and organized way. Of course, you may do it manually; format, arrange the headings, and number the pages; but why not invest your precious time into something else? Dissertation templates are really good helpers for students. What you should just do is find an appropriate template and put your text in. The following suggestions will help you find dissertation templates for free:

  1. Appeal to your department.
  2. Usually, the templates are available immediately by your school department. These samples meet all the narrow and specific requirements of your school, which is why you may be rest assured that your paper will look perfect.

  3. Check with your advisor.
  4. Your advisor may provide a proper template when you ask. This is also a good opportunity to curry favor with your professor for your defense, because your paper will be presented in a way that is preferred by him or her.

  5. Browse your school website.
  6. The standard templates can be found on the official websites of universities. As a rule, they are generalized and may be used for dissertations in different fields of studies.

  7. Search the World Wide Web.
  8. Enter the right keywords and conduct a search online. You will find lots of sources suggesting dissertation templates for free. However, you should be careful, because not all of them may be considered to be reliable.

    • Educational websites.
    • These are sites ending with “.edu” in their URLs. Usually, the templates provided by such sources are rather good. They are universal, and as you will notice, very similar to the templates of official university websites.

    • Online writing services.
    • You may find free dissertation templates on the websites of numerous writing services. They claim to be arranged in compliance with general standards and proofread by professional research writers. Unfortunately, not all of these services are credible, which is why you must only use the templates of those that you have personally worked with before. Or, ask your friends or peers about which of the writing services might be of best use.

  9. Look to your writing guide.
  10. If you write a dissertation, you should have your version of a citation or writing manual that corresponds to your field of research. So, what you can do is copy a template from the guide and use it to format your paper in accordance with the requirements.


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