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How To Organize A Dissertation Proposal Methods Section

Usually, a good dissertation paper has various sections. For instance, there is a title page, an introduction, methodology, the results and the conclusion section. Each Master’s student or those pursuing PHD should learn on how to compose all these sections appropriately. The methodology section in particular has various things that must come out clearly so that this part is justified. Are you anxious on how you can do this? Do not worry. Below is the appropriate method to adhere to.

  • Draft an outline
  • The first step below you embark on the methodology section is to come up with a winning outline. The key function of an outline is to enable you organize your work appropriately. This will save you a lot of time because you will have an easy time. An outline should show all the relevant parts of methodology part so that when you start putting down the information, you will have an easy time. Simply try this and you will be glad.

  • Start by stating the method
  • There are many methods of collecting data, analyzing data and even for its interpretation. You therefore need to know what you are dealing with. Let the reader comprehend this part by first jotting down a list of all the methods you employed in your research. Remember, if you put down a method and it misses out in your content, the entire data for that particular part will be inappropriate. Make sure that everything you write will be used.

  • Backing up with strong information
  • After you have the list, the next thing to do is to show how each method was used in the field and back it up with the findings. For instance, if it is observation, let the reader understand what kind of data you collected by simply observing the surrounding and how this data is important with regards to the topic given.

  • Give pertinent examples
  • When you give the supporting points, you also have to verify them with relevant examples. These should as well focus on the subject of the study to annul from confusing the audience. However, make sure that for each direct example given from a secondary source, there is an appropriate reference.

  • Proofread the work
  • The final step in this question is to read through the work you have written so that you submit top quality content which is free from spelling errors. This is the basis to scoring a high grade.


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