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Coming Up With Interesting Psychological Dissertation Ideas

Your dissertation is one of the hardest and most complex assignments that you will be asked to write. It is your chance to become a scholar instead of just a student. You will see that it will challenge you and force you to utilize some sources that you may not have in the past. It is a paper that asks you to analyse the data and not just compile it and reiterate it like other papers.

One of the hardest parts of writing your dissertation is coming up with a topic to write about. You can’t choose just any topic. You have to choose a topic that adds to the overall knowledge on the subject. It is important to focus on finding a specific topic that you can write about as a case study or a research project.

Here are some interesting psychological dissertation ideas to consider:

  1. Does the consumption of alcohol make the person drinking it look more attractive?
  2. Can oxytocin increase the ability to handle social situations?
  3. Does disease lead men to seek divorce most of the time?
  4. How important are social media sites to our lives?
  5. What are the different characteristics of first born children compared to the other children?
  6. How important is sleep when it comes to weight loss?
  7. Can certain foods decrease mortality from cardiovascular diseases?
  8. Does gender have anything to do with narcissistic behavior?
  9. How are lax parents hurting their children’s overall health?
  10. Can books with humanized animal characters lessen their understanding of the natural world?

This is an important part of your education and you should strive to choose a topic that you can deal with immersing yourself into because that is what is needed to get this job done. You have to be able to become an expert in your topic to the point that you can complete your own research project and analyze the data to come up with some strong information to support your hypothesis.

Once you have decided on a topic, the next thing that you would want to do is create your dissertation proposal. It will help you get your topic approved so that you can move on. You have to make sure that you find some really strong sources to back up your case and present them in your proposal.


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