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How To Download A Free PhD Dissertation: Get Your Paper Done Fast

There are several web sites that you can access that can give you some really good PhD dissertation examples.

  1. Using a search engine that access academic work just type in ‘PhD examples’. Tip – if you just use a general search engine you will not find exactly what you are looking for - you will probably find something but it will not be the level or caliber that you are seeking.
  2. By now you have probably found several websites that will provide you with PhD examples. Have a look at a few just to get a general idea of what is available. You may now be at the point where you start looking at examples for your field of study.
  3. You could always go to the University Library as there will be a catalogue of work that other PhD students have produced.
  4. Start by asking yourself how these examples fit into to your interests does the example cite references that are recent e.g. are they within the last five years – so they cite a target paper or papers that are immediately apparent? Does the thesis seem realistic? Is the document proofread and edited?
  5. Does the example actually give you the whole of the document? Some websites will let you down load examples but you will have to sign up to their website. This may be free but there are some websites that require payment then they will give you the full document.
  6. At this point you may be asking why these PhD dissertations are being used as examples. It may be because they have been already submitted as someone else’s piece of work. It may be that the website is using the example to show what their writers can do for you.
  7. The question you need to ask yourself now is – if the download is free, how any other people have downloaded it and presented it as their own work? Do remember that any work submitted will undergo checks for plagiarism.
  8. The other factor you will need to consider is that for any PhD dissertation, you will have to provide a proposal to your professor so as they can give their consideration and made suggestions, they may even ask you to discuss your plans (at length) prior to starting the dissertation.
  9. But you can always use a downloaded dissertation as a guide for your own work. You will however need to devote some time to reading through the download and noting the author’s treatment of the process.

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