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How To Complete Your Dissertation Successfully: An Effective Writing Strategy

Writing an effective dissertation includes planning your moves before you make them. A writing strategy is something that will help you in every aspect of your assignment. You need to know what your topic needs and how to obtain the information to present to your audience. You may be required to meet with other people to conduct a study or experiment.

You want to get the best results as possible and be able to record your findings adequately so your project comes together without a hitch. How can you do this? Here are a few points to consider in helping you develop your own writing strategy for your dissertation.

  • Create a writing schedule to help you devote time to your dissertation. There are dissertation assignments that can take weeks to complete. Use your time effectively by making a schedule that will help you work on your project. On certain days of the week consider doing research, writing, and so forth. This should help you stay on target with your deadline.
  • Brainstorm ideas for a topic based on what you want to write about. Think about your interests and come up with ideas for a good topic you feel you can research and write well.
  • Make a list of notes based on what you already know about your proposed topic. When you have some ideas on what to write about you should write down what you know so far. This is a starting point to help you determine what research you need to complete.
  • Review guidelines for your project and create your outline. Your outline may be created with the help of guidelines for your work. If you are expected to discuss or mention certain sections, this is the foundation for your outline and your entire dissertation.
  • Make list of sources based on data you need to collect. You can have a list to help you get started on research. As you collect data you may learn of other sources to use. Keep track of all sources for your bibliography or reference page.
  • Start writing your dissertation rough draft. Based on what you know start writing. It does not have to be perfect but you get a general idea about your paper.
  • Revise and rewrite what you came up with.
  • Check citations. Make sure this information is correct to avoid plagiarism.
  • Finalize paper with editing and proofreading.

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