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8 Steps To Completing A Doctoral Dissertation In History

Your dissertation needs to be extremely complex and historically accurate if you aim for the maximum grade. There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration, and all of them are equally as important for your professor. You need to spend a good amount of time making research because a paper in history means many dates, historical events and personalities that need to be studied carefully. Follow these steps to complete a successful dissertation:

  1. Choose your topic. This is the first step that you need to do. Think about a topic that is attractive to you, that you can enjoy making research about. Do not go for the easy, dull subjects because none of these will impress your teacher.
  2. Focus on the main idea that you will analyze. You need to have a purpose for your paper, a main idea that you will explore and that will be the center of your project.
  3. Make research. Read everything you can about the topic that you’ve chosen, from articles to books or other dissertations. In this stage of your project, any information is good. You have time to filter everything later.
  4. Select some quotes that you will use. You need to go for people who are an authority in the field that can really bring an interesting, valid perspective into your content.
  5. Start writing. When you write the first draft, do not stop to correct or modify anything. This will be just raw information and your personal style reflected in the text. This is meant to stimulate your imagination, not to distract you with the validity of the information.
  6. Arrange everything on a suitable structure. Even if you have exquisite content, it still needs to be arranged in a certain way to be easy to read and fit the academic criteria. The requirements are different for each type of essay, so this is entirely up to you.
  7. Make sure that the historic information is arranged in logic and chronologic order. This is very important when you analyze events if you want your dissertation to be considered professional.
  8. Correct, edit, delete and add. This will be the part that will take the most. You need to take each piece of your essay and edit it until it reaches a perfect form. After this, you have to proofread it to eliminate any minor mistake.

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