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Tips & Tricks For Defending Your Dissertation Successfully

The compilation of a dissertation defense is an exercise in strategy that chess masters could probably appreciate. At every step there are mistakes you could make that could get your hard work downgraded or failed forcing you to start again. This is a heartbreaking experience that no one wants to live through and usually, the committee reviewing you would prefer that you not have experience either. Here are a few tricks that can help you out,

Come up with a good topic

A poor topic is much harder to defend. Sometimes, it may not just be that the topic is bad, but that the amount of work it would take to bring it to the necessary level of completion is exorbitant or near impossible for the average student to accomplish. Even if you feel drawn to a topic, ask yourself if you can complete the work to the standard it deserves.

Make an amazing PPT

A good PowerPoint presentation can support everything else you have to say. If you know you can’t do the PPT on your own. Ask a friend to help you transfer the dissertation’s highlights into a slide show. Some things to remember are that your slide show may not look the same in all lightings. Choose one font (two for the most) and make sure that the backgrounds are cohesive throughout. Avoid graphics and sounds that will distract from your message and make sure any included images are appropriate for the audience as well as relevant.

Practice Public Speaking

Public Speaking scares many people. If you tend to avoid it, you will not enjoy defending your dissertation and you may even find yourself clamming up when asked direct questions. Few things are as painful as walking away from the defense and finding yourself saying the answers that you forget in the moment. Get accustomed to speaking in front of unfamiliar people, especially those who intimidate you a bit.

Ask people who have dealt with the committee you’ll be facing how it went

Just like in a war, knowing who you’ll be facing can help you immensely. Ask specifically about the type of questions you can expect so you can be well prepared in advance.

The writing of your dissertation is an involved process in and of itself. If you can simplify it in any way you should. By using the tips presented above you can make your defense a strong one and have success in your presentation.


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