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Sound Advice: A Dissertation Sample May Be Useful

Research is the most pivotal portion of a student’s writing and understanding of their dissertation topic. Through journals, textbooks, novels and other resources students are able to draw their own conclusions on subject matters while preparing to defend their ideas before a collegiate panel of their professors. If students look into dissertation examples from the past, they can help formulate a stronger one for themselves the following ways:

  • Success or Failure
  • Level Headed Knowledge
  • Short and/or Long Term Memory

Success or Failure

When reading someone else’s dissertation, it becomes an easy way to determine whether one thinks their topic will be successful or not. Before reading into someone else’s topic, a student will know if this person’s research helped them pass the collegiate panel they had to defend their thesis against. This will also allow for the student to read another person’s thoughts that was in the same shoes they were in just a few years prior. Students can also help formulate whether they agree or disagree with this student and can even help develop better ideas should a new break in research have come out since the writing of the previous topic (i.e. text messaging services, social media websites, or perhaps a cure for a disease).

Level Headed Knowledge

Once the creative mind is flowing on a dissertation topic, passion and the drive to succeed become apparent. If someone wrote an article about the concept of sending messages through a phone instead of by the post office 70 years ago, they probably would have been laughed off. However, a student can use this knowledge in order to cite from the past that although their new thought (example being a holographic text message that appears when someone opens their phone) to not be so much of a stretch as the panel may intend it to be. Reading like-minded topics or one’s of the same age of a person can greatly increase the likelihood of a young adult’s dissertation.

Short and/or Long Term Memory

Many people crack under pressure when it comes to the defense of their thesis in front of the panel. If someone were to read others dissertations and perhaps even the one’s of the members sitting on the panel it may increase their odds of successful defense. Dissertations are not written overnight, so if a student were to formulate and write down someone else’s ideas it can better suit them to answer questions from a historical point of view and voice their own opinion.


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