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Great Advice on How to Write a Master's Thesis

When you are tasked with writing a master’s thesis use the following tips:

  1. Decide upon your starting date

    You have to make a conscious decision about when you want to start writing. Set a date and write it in your calendar or planner. This is the date that you are going to start the actual writing of the process. Make sure your start date gives you at least three months to finish any things that are last minute issues. This deadline needs to be an absolute start date with no exceptions. Whatever hasn’t been finished by then just won’t get done. You will never mark off everything from your to-do list but you will find this quite freeing if you choose to accept it. By setting a finish date for the research you will focus on what tasks will add the most value to the finished piece.

  2. Decide upon your stopping date

    Set a stop date for your writing. In an ideal world your stop date be will three months after your start date. Try and think of each month added to this stop date as costing you five thousand dollars. This is because each extra month costs you in lost income and in lost time. If you believe you will need more time than that to write your thesis then write down every reason why you believe you will need more time and evaluate whether it is just a difficulty or an impossibility.

  3. Set small deadlines for every chapter

    By this point you will have a rough idea of what chapters you will have and you should set a tight deadline for finishing each chapter. This should be about two weeks per chapter. Make sure you adhere to this so that you never end up putting it off until “tomorrow”. If you need additional accountability you can submit these mini deadlines to your supervisor so that they know exactly what to expect your finished chapter and can schedule review for that time period. Make sure you also set a meeting to review the chapters with them. If you want a controversial gender topic then write about the following:

    • Should women be allowed to fight in the same roles as men in the military?
    • Are females better are compromise and collaboration than men?
    • Do males have friendships that are less intense than girls? If so is it because society encourages macho men who don’t show emotion or connect?

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