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5 Hints to Help You Write a Successful PhD Dissertation in a Month

Writing a dissertation in a short time can be a challenge, however, it can be done. You have to set your mind to the job and follow these five handy tips for writing your PhD dissertation in a month. Stick to these rules because some or all of your paper might be published, and this paper is your entry into your professional field.

  1. Buy a large desk calendar and write down every single job that has to be done. If you note everything that needs to be done and you stick to each task, you will be able to write the dissertation in a month. This is one of the most important steps in the process.
  2. Contact the people you are interviewing first. You need to work the rest of the jobs around the interviews. The experts in your field will provide your best support and credibility, so get those interviews scheduled on day one. Once you schedule them, then you can plan out the rest of the schedule and tasks. If you can, try to set up some email or phone interviews to cut down on travel times.
  3. Hire a writing company or a tutor. You will not have time to do the editing, restructuring, and proofing. You can work on gathering your information and getting your interviews, and the writing coach or tutor can work on the editing and mechanical end of the paper. Make sure that your tutor is very aware of all your deadlines.
  4. Try to meet several times with your advisor. Since this is a very short time to produce a dissertation, you need to make 100% sure that you are headed in the correct direction. You cannot afford to waste time rewriting and re-doing any portion of your PhD dissertation.
  5. You may have to let the other things slide in your life. You should try to free up your schedule as much as possible concerning other obligations. Writing your PhD dissertation in one month will be a full time job.

You can write a dissertation in one month’s time, however, you have to know your schedule from day one, get your interviews set up on day one, hire a writing company, try to meet with your advisor frequently, and make this paper your full time job for a solid month.


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