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Dissertation Layout in Design: Understanding the Basics

In writing a dissertation, the structure plays a crucial role. Consequently, it is not only the plot that is important, but also its layout.

Basic Dissertation Layout to Follow

  • Title.
  • A signed approval.
  • This mark is meant to prove that the present research has been carried out by you, and all the deductions and results are also only yours.

  • Acknowledgements.
  • This part is devoted to those, who contributed greatly to your work during the whole process of creating the paper. The supervisor is the first one to be mentioned.

  • Abstract.
  • Abstract is a short overlook of the research, which must contain approximately 1/3rd of all the objectives and methods, and 1/3rd of inferences. The volume is not to exceed one page.

  • Chapter 1. Introduction.
  • It sets the topic, the subject of the dissertation, the objectives to reach, fundamental approaches and methods applied.

  • Chapter 2. Literature Review.
  • This section concerns the sources of information used in the research process. It helps you determine the limits of the already existing data, hence facilitates the formulation of questions to be broached.

  • Chapter 3. Objectives and methods.
  • In this chapter you describe the whole variety of approaches and methods applicable to the accumulation of the material and its further handling.

  • Chapter 4. Context.
  • It illustrates the scientific background of the investigation.

  • Chapter 5. Deductions.
  • This part dwells upon the key outputs obtained during the research.

  • Chapter 6. Analyses.
  • The observation whether the findings confirm or contradict the theoretical ideas.

  • Chapter 7. Conclusion.
  • This section is supposed to give the summary of aims and corollaries, the significance of the results for future researches; touches upon the questions missed due to the lack of space, and sets the direction for further investigations.

  • Bibliography.
  • Appendices.

Choosing the Right Dissertation Layout

The main purpose of such a scheme of writing is a comfortable visual perception. The scientific paper must look good and organized to present you to the best advantage. And this can be achieved by selecting an appropriate sample depending on the topic.

The cover page is the first thing the readers look at, so it should be clean and centered according to the standard. In the contents, the pages, the margins must be arranged in the same way up to the conclusion. Some supervisors may require additional spaces between sentences as well. The interpolation of non-text elements, such as schemes, images, and tables, is of no less importance either. Choose a suitable layout to separate such blocks one from another for proper visual appeal.


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