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Tips To Use If You're Struggling With Your Dissertation Cover Page

Writing a dissertation can be a difficult process. In the beginning, students become bogged down in researching their topic. They may spend hours in the library looking up facts, outlining the paper and finding new sources. Once the research process is done, students will still need to create a dissertation cover page. This page will be the first thing that anyone will read from the paper, so it must be professionally done. Students who are struggling with the cover page should use some of these tips to get started.

Consider the Font and Teacher Requirements

Most schools will have formal guidelines about how dissertations are structured. Students should read through all of these requirements before they begin writing. There will generally be exact margin sizes, fonts and formatting that the student will need to do. To get a head start on the writing process, students should familiarize themselves with these requirements.

Begin With the Title

The first portion of the cover page will be the thesis title. Since many of these papers are stored electronically, students may want to use certain keywords so that the paper can be retrieved in an online search. Greek letters, formulas or abbreviations should be avoided because the library cannot index them.

Name and Academic Credentials

After writing out the title, the student will need to write their name and any academic credentials. The name will generally be the same one that will ultimately appear on their diploma. Afterward, the student should list their credentials in a specific format. The following items should be listed vertically, beginning at the top: credential name, institution that awarded the credential, graduation date and the degree name. At many universities, listing the academic credentials is optional.

Faculty and Program Name

The next part of the cover letter is to write out the faculty who will be granting the degree. If students are uncertain which faculty to use, they should consult with their academic adviser. Below the faculty, the student should list the name of their program. This program name may be “Economic History”, “Management Economics”, “Computer Science” or any similar programs of study.

Date of Submission

The last step in the cover page is to write out the submission date. Before handing it into the examination committee, students will write this date at the bottom of the cover page. Once the paper has been accepted by the committee, students will change this date to the final submission month and year. At this point, the student will need to add the copyright symbol at the bottom of the page with their name and submission date.


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