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Five Basic Rules Of Composing Good Dissertation Abstracts On Music

Once you have determined what the topic of your dissertation will be, you need to think about the different parts of the dissertation. One of these important pieces is the abstract. The abstract is a brief summary of the entire dissertation. It must be included. You will give your reader an overview of all the research and study that you have conducted. It will also include your conclusion. The goal of this important piece is to give your audience an approximate idea of what will be discovered and included within the project.

Schools have different ideas on how you should put together this important document. If you are writing your piece on music, you will have determined your title and your genre. Your adviser can help you to put together a plan before you begin to write. There are five basic rules for composing this portion of your project on music.

5 Rules

  1. Know the different parts that are required for this document. There are traditionally four important pieces. We will list these pieces in the listed numbers 2 through 5 for you to look at.
  2. The first piece of the document is the background study. Not only will you make sure the background study is mentioned, you will also mention the significance and importance of the study period. If you are writing about Mozart, you would want information on his work and his personal life.
  3. The second required piece is your strategy. Your strategy is how you went about doing your research and then documenting what you have done. Make sure that you include all pieces of your research such as surveys and case studies among musical experts and musicians.
  4. The third part of the document consist of your findings. Your findings or what you discovered as you completed your research is very important to proving your point.
  5. The last traditional piece of this document is the conclusion. At this point you summarize the paper and then give a universal statement. The conclusion is usually brief, and is not a re-statement of the entire paper. It needs to be succinct and simple.

Some schools may want different pieces in this important document. Your faculty advisor will be able to tell you exactly what you need to have. However, traditionally ,most schools want the background study, strategy, findings, and conclusion.


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