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Marketing Dissertation Topics: 15 Interesting Suggestions

There are dozens of professions that can be held as a result of a PhD in marketing. Because of this a lot of students are entering this promising field straight out of graduate school, focusing their marketing dissertation on a specific job field they went to specialize in. Here are 15 interesting suggestions to consider when you are in need of some unique and interesting topics:

  1. Write an analysis of the effectiveness of a campaign of your choice (e.g., hotel, restaurant, etc.). Discuss if the campaign has led to increased visits, sales, or whatever indicator there is to determine success.
  2. Reinventing food industry business after a death or health scare caused by a result of their products either packaging or processing.
  3. Write an analysis on marketing techniques employed at local food stores or farmers markets. And determine if they are effective for a local client base.
  4. How does country of origin affect branding and the intentions of potential customers? What formulas are used in specific situations?
  5. How to develop new strategies of pricing for independent or small businesses during periods of rising costs in the oil industry.
  6. Resurrecting a dishonest or socially shamed business through social media and brand reinvention.
  7. Using rebranding and positive messaging to overcome disasters around the world (e.g., New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina).
  8. How are traditional branding tools like television, radio, and newspaper doing in a world that has largely become dominated by internet message branding? What does this mean for those traditional forms?
  9. Can using people’s various types of self-esteem actually lead to an increased client or customer purchases?
  10. How to bring brand awareness to new businesses in traditional retail (e.g., electronics or book retail). What are the challenges?
  11. Discuss methods for marketing an iconic and modern brand (e.g., cell phone company, clothing line, fashion accessory, etc.) and the predictors for creating a new icon.
  12. Discuss the ways how a remarketing of business debt to leverage fluidity and income from private investors has worked in the last two decades.
  13. How do political parties use techniques to market their images, brands, statements, positions, etc. in today’s world? How has this shifted over the last 50 years?
  14. The power of price adjustment, inflation and leveraging public opinion in building an effective brand and product.
  15. Will social media dominate the way businesses approach marketing in the next twenty years? Or is there already a shift in attitudes about how effective social media will by that time?

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